Saturday, November 1, 2008

Better Than A Super Hero

There are all kinds of "super heros" in the world. Most of them never get the recognition they deserve. I sure some of them go about their lives wondering if anybody notices. One of my favorite quotes is, "Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." Sometimes it is the smallest things we do, that brighten another person's day.

I scraplifted this quote, from a page, I saw in a gallery not too long ago. Raquel and Ayden definitely think their big brother is a super hero. They both adore him and look forward to visiting with Kyle, when he comes. I'm sure they'd love to see him more, if they could. I took these pictures when we went to Kyle's grad in May. All the girls had a terrific time playing in the park with Kyle. I think, it was the first time my kids, have all actually been to the park together.

Better Than A Super Hero digital kit credits: Fairy Kisses in Blue mega kit and Digital Essential Frames from Blushbutter.
Fonts used: Vestite Y Andate! and Wenceslas

Trick-or-Treating was lots of fun and the weather couldn't have been better! Raquel invited her friend, Ellen, along and we all had a wonderful time. Raquel was a good witch and Ayden was a forest fairy. Raquel really enjoyed that I decided to dress up, after all Halloween is her most favorite holiday. I put black spray in my hair, that will be the last time I do that. What a mess it makes. I guess you will just have to wait to see the pictures. I promise to do a Halloween page soon.

Hope you all had a happy & safe Halloween as well!

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