Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lest We Forget LOs and some Halloween LOs

I managed to do four layouts last week and yesterday. I meant to get these posted yesterday, but we went to Home Depot and got some Christmas decorations. Vern spent the rest of the day setting them up outside before it gets too cold and snowy. Ayden was so amazed by the lights.

My newest interest is genealogy. I've been wanting to start some Heirloom layouts. Since it was Remembrance Day yesterday, I decided to start with my Grandfather's pictures. Both of my Grandfathers passed away before I was born. I thank my parents, for the information they provided to complete these pages.

Credits for Remembrance Day LOs: background photos courtesy of
Kits - No Room for Grey by Retrodiva found here and as a freebie here.
I also used newest Digital Essential Frames Packet, it can be found here.
I created the frame around the photos from a tutorial.

I'm eagerly awaiting some more pictures from Germany (they are in the mail). I plan to do some more heirloom LOs and get some of my family history done. I really love those old black & white pictures.

Thank you Mom & Dad for previewing my layouts and making sure I got all the information correct.

As well, I did a few Halloween LOs of my beautiful girls. I have more Halloween pictures to go, so there will be a few more LOs coming. We had such a fun time. I think the candy is just about all gone though. So the girls have been
enjoying it. Raquel was a beautiful witch and Ayden the most adorable little angel. I made Ayden's costume myself and we assembled Raquel's costume. We took this picture just before we headed out the door for the evening.

I've used a bunch of freebies I found and the web frame, I had made in a previous tut. Credits for Halloween LOs: Kits I used Skelgance and Googleye Add on from Derek M. Designs. I'm afraid he only had the
download link temporarily until Halloween, so I think its expired.

You'll have to go get it next year.
I'm sure he is working on something new....

Ayden & I went to help Raquel dress up at the school for her class party. There were lots of cute costumes.

Background paper on the Halloween Party LO is also from Derek M. Designs Googleye Add ON. Halloween Frames found here. Additional elements from another Halloween freebie found at Mom's Design blogspot.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

We went out and had a fun time with the girls. The weather was mild, (no snow for the first time I can remember in years). Raquel was a lovely witch and Ayden an angel. We took lots of pictures and I plan to get some LOs done soon. Image used courtesy

As well, here is an additional tag I designed last week. Art image "Pretty Thing", used with permission of Morien Wynter.
You can check out his site here