Saturday, December 29, 2007

Seasons Greetings

We had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed the time spent with our family. Santa was very good to all of us and we had a delicious meal. Unfortunately, my parents hit some black ice on their way home and totaled their truck. So most of yesterday was spent talking on the phone, making sure that everyone was alright. Thankfully, besides a few good bumps to the head and some minor cuts and bruising they all seem to be fine. The truck on the other hand is a different story. Certainly God was watching out for them. But is was not a good way for their little holiday to end.

I did fit in a few minutes here and there to get a LO done. Raquel has been wanting a LO with just her, after seeing the last one of Ayden. Her favorite color is purple, this kit, Blooming Delight, seemed to be the perfect choice. I colorized some of the butterflies. The LO is called "1st Day of Grade 3". Raquel likes it, (I also used her favorite font), and that is what is important.

1st Day of Gr. 3 digital kit Credits: Blooming Delight by Doxie Designs
Fonts used: Fiolex Girls, Heather, Monsieur La Douliase

Hoping everyone has a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Little Taste of Spring

Only 8 more days till Christmas. I love Christmas carols and all the lights. The excitement is building in the air. My parents & Kyle will be here. We are all looking forward to seeing them.

My friend, Deb, had started her own online store, Doxie Designs. I am so happy for her. I was flattered when she asked me to be a member of her creative team. She has some lovely kits and I was more than happy to accept. I am hoping this will provide me with a little more incentive to get more of my pictures scrapped into LOs. Deb, also designs some beautiful LOs herself and offers up some awesome freebies on her blog. If you haven't stopped by her blog, Dapper Doxie, you are missing out on a wonderful artistic experience. Thank you Deb for asking me to be on your team.

I used Doxie Design's beautiful kit, Mother's Pansies on these two LOs. The first LO, Violets Are Blue, is of Ayden playing with a violet at the end of May this year. I just love her chubby little hands and had to include those pictures too. I dried the violet and saved it for her, then I turned it into a tube. I just love tiny little violets. They always remind me of spring and they smell so wonderful. Hope you enjoy these pages.
The quote reads as follows:

The smell of violets, hidden in the green,
Pour'd back into my empty soul and frame
The times when I remembered to have been
Joyful and free from blame.

- Lord Alfred Tennyson
Dream of Fair Women (st. 20)

I also found the following little bit about violets and couldn't resist adding a few fairies.

The Little pansy - The violet is sacred to all fairies. Gathering violets in the spring will bring good luck and a wish come true courtesy of the faerie realm.

Violets are Blue Credits: Mother's Pansies by Doxie Designs
Fairies Printable Paper from
Capture a Trinket freebie from
Fonts used Vivaldi, Mutlu, Porcelain, Coventry Garden & Ajile
Hearts & Dried violet by

This second LO is called Grandmother's Heart. It is a hybrid LO that I did earlier this spring, using the same kit from Doxie Designs. I think Deb's kits are so versatile and they print up beautifully. In the LO are Raquel & Ayden with their Grandma. The pictures were taken in October 2006. The quote reads as follows:

God's most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a Grandmother's heart. -author unknown

Grandmother's Heart Credits: Digital Kit Mother's Pansies by Doxie Designs
Materials: Iridescent Butterfly - Provocraft, rhinestone brad - K and Company, metal index tab - Making Memories, plastic elements - Jesse James Button, Rain dots - Cloud 9 Designs, vellum - Scrapbookeh and Pink Stickles by Ranger.

I hope I have time for another LO this week, but I think we will be busy cooking, cleaning and wrapping presents. Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, December 10, 2007

LOs from Christmas 2006

Wow, time does fly by way too fast. We have been busy running around with some appointments and a bit of Christmas shopping. The temperature is finally warming up, after a rather chilly week last week. But so far we only have about 4 inches of snow.

I haven't gotten a lot of scrapbooking done, with all the running around. Below is a tag I made through my PSP group, RDB Graphics, (all the materials were supplied with the tutorial). It was fun playing with the animation.

I made the LO below for the December challenge, being held by blush-n-dusty's group. Got me more in the Christmas mood. Such fun memories.

This is a LO of Christmas morning 2006, Ayden's "First Christmas". Raquel helped Ayden open up her stocking. Then Raquel got to be "Santa", as she helped pass out gifts. Ayden was mostly interested in the bows and the paper, but we all had lots of fun. I'm sure this year will be a little more exciting. We haven't put up a tree yet, as we usually get a real one. We have been discussing getting an artificial one this year. Christmas is fast approaching, so I'm sure we will be deciding soon.

"First Christmas" LO Credits: A Vintage 1 & 2 by Dustybear found here
Challenge Freebie
Corner tube from my PSP group

Another busy day tomorrow, as Ayden & I are off to the accountant's office. Maybe we will do a little more Christmas shopping if there is time. Later this week we hope to start some Christmas baking. Yummy, and with that thought I'm off to sleep.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lest We Forget LOs and some Halloween LOs

I managed to do four layouts last week and yesterday. I meant to get these posted yesterday, but we went to Home Depot and got some Christmas decorations. Vern spent the rest of the day setting them up outside before it gets too cold and snowy. Ayden was so amazed by the lights.

My newest interest is genealogy. I've been wanting to start some Heirloom layouts. Since it was Remembrance Day yesterday, I decided to start with my Grandfather's pictures. Both of my Grandfathers passed away before I was born. I thank my parents, for the information they provided to complete these pages.

Credits for Remembrance Day LOs: background photos courtesy of
Kits - No Room for Grey by Retrodiva found here and as a freebie here.
I also used newest Digital Essential Frames Packet, it can be found here.
I created the frame around the photos from a tutorial.

I'm eagerly awaiting some more pictures from Germany (they are in the mail). I plan to do some more heirloom LOs and get some of my family history done. I really love those old black & white pictures.

Thank you Mom & Dad for previewing my layouts and making sure I got all the information correct.

As well, I did a few Halloween LOs of my beautiful girls. I have more Halloween pictures to go, so there will be a few more LOs coming. We had such a fun time. I think the candy is just about all gone though. So the girls have been
enjoying it. Raquel was a beautiful witch and Ayden the most adorable little angel. I made Ayden's costume myself and we assembled Raquel's costume. We took this picture just before we headed out the door for the evening.

I've used a bunch of freebies I found and the web frame, I had made in a previous tut. Credits for Halloween LOs: Kits I used Skelgance and Googleye Add on from Derek M. Designs. I'm afraid he only had the
download link temporarily until Halloween, so I think its expired.

You'll have to go get it next year.
I'm sure he is working on something new....

Ayden & I went to help Raquel dress up at the school for her class party. There were lots of cute costumes.

Background paper on the Halloween Party LO is also from Derek M. Designs Googleye Add ON. Halloween Frames found here. Additional elements from another Halloween freebie found at Mom's Design blogspot.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

We went out and had a fun time with the girls. The weather was mild, (no snow for the first time I can remember in years). Raquel was a lovely witch and Ayden an angel. We took lots of pictures and I plan to get some LOs done soon. Image used courtesy

As well, here is an additional tag I designed last week. Art image "Pretty Thing", used with permission of Morien Wynter.
You can check out his site here

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Been so very busy...

Seem to be busy catching up and trying to figure out the world of HTML code. I think I'm doing alright. Haven't had time to make any scrapbook LOs this week, but since Halloween is approaching, here is a tag I made this week. Most of the graphics were supplied with the tutorial, additional graphics courtesy of Snowraven's Dark Gothic Halloween 2 Scrapkit which can be found here, on her blog,

Friday, October 5, 2007

At the Horse Sale

This is my first digital scrapbook layout. These are some pictures from last weekend at the horse sale. Ayden is with her Great Uncle Ken. Raquel and Ayden had to have a snack and warm up in the sun, because it was so cold in the arena. Our new filly, is the darker one in the background. She is a blue roan.

Digital kit credits: Country Kids and Manly from

Happy Thanksgiving

Decided to try out another way of sharing with my friends and family. This is my first attempt and I'm sure I'll be customizing as I go.

Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving. Certainly is a time to reflect on all the wonderful people in our lives. We will be going up North to have Thanksgiving dinner with family. We will be bringing our new filly, Lady, home. I can hardly wait, she is such a beauty.

Here is a little tag I created yesterday. The picture is a shot from the end of the road on which we live. I certainly enjoy the colors of fall, too bad they mean winter is just around the corner.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.