Friday, September 26, 2008


We've had a busy couple of weeks and I haven't had much time to work on any pages. Vern's been off and getting a lot accomplished around the house and yard. He's contemplating adding an addition to give us some more room and he's finishing off the new front deck. Both of the girls have had horrible colds, but it seems like they are starting to feel better. My dad brought my aunt and uncle down earlier this week, before they headed back to Germany. We had a good visit, although it was pretty quick, but it was wonderful to see them. Fall is definately here, the leaves are falling to the ground and it has been cool. How quickly summer fades away. Soon we'll have to get out the mittens, winter jackets and boots.

I decided to do a page of Ayden having fun on the trampoline. She just loves to "bounce" and is always wanting to go out. Having as many balls as possible on the trampoline just adds to the fun. Ayden bounces until she is pretty much exhausted, but she sure has a good time. She has told us she needs an inside bouncer for the rainy days.

Bounce digital kit credits: Craft Scrapbooking Clipart Graphics kit, Gentle, Baby Girl Heart Strings Mega Kit, Digital Circle Frames Blue & Pink and Fairy Things & Butterfly Wings Digital Scrapbook kit from Blushbutter (some items colorized).
Fonts used: Heather, Jacki's Hand, & Jokewood

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Monday, September 15, 2008

We'll Meet Again Some Day

September's challenge at Blush-n-Dusty Yahoo Group is to create a heritage layout. I haven't joined in one of the challenges for a while, but I couldn't pass up one of my favorite subjects. For participating, you get Dusty Bear's newest mini kit, Floral Heritage, which contains that unusual album page for a frame.
I have LOTS of pictures of Great Uncle Harry. Harry was the first husband, of my Great Aunt Dora. Even though Dora later remarried, my mom told me that Dora really loved her Harry and missed him till the day she went to meet him again. My mom lived with them for several years and has fond memories of being in their home. It took me a little while to get these pages done as I had to restore some of the pictures and go through all my bits of information to write up Harry's story. The journaling on both pages reads:

Harry Hupalo was born in the Ukraine in 1902.

He immigrated to Canada in 1921, at the age

of 19. Harry worked as a laborer on a

farm near Fenwood, Sask. From there he

moved to Kelvington, Sask, where he continued

work as a farm laborer. In 1923 he managed

to get a job with the Canadian National Railway,

working only the summer months. During the

winters he cut cordwood for a farmer. In 1926

he obtained a full time position with the CNR in

Preeceville,Sask. This is where Harry met the

love of his life, Dora, in 1928.

Dora worked in Preeceville, doing general

housekeeping and babysitting. A year later in

1929, Dora and Harry got married – Dora

being age 15 and Harry age 27.

Harry worked at Lilian Junction, Sask. for the

first couple of years, after they were married.

In 1932, Harry was promoted to section

foreman in Ketchen and the couple moved into

their first two-roomed house, which Harry later

added an addition to.

Unfortunately, Harry & Dora could not have

children. They quickly filled this void by taking

in Dora’s younger sister, Anne, who lived with

them for 8 years. Dora’s brother, Mike and

youngest sister Leona, also spent much of their

teenage years at their home. Harry & Dora

also sponsored and paid for Harry’s five year

old niece, Olga, to immigrate to Canada from

the Ukraine, after her mother passed away

when she was a year old. When Dora’s

brother, Mike, unexpectedly found himself a

widower, with three young children, they gave

their youngest niece, Barbara, a home for an

extended time. They also cared for Anne’s

young physically handicapped son for many

years. As well, they adopted a son, Joseph.

Harry continued to work for the CNR in

Ketchen, for 22 years. In 1954 he was

transferred to Yorkton, Sask. and the couple

moved to Ebenezer, Sask. Harry & Dora

enjoyed the perks of his job and often

took regular trips, by CN train, across

Canada to visit family members in Manitoba

and British Columbia. Harry also enjoyed

working in his yard and on his cars.

Harry passed away suddenly while in Yorkton,

Thursday, August 16, 1962, of a stroke, at the

age of 60. Harry is buried in the City of

Yorkton Cemetery, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Dora, who always treasured his memory, was

later interred beside him, when she passed

away in 2003, at the age of 89.

When I was scanning pictures, I also found the newspaper clipping of the poem that Aunty Dora wrote as a tribute to Harry. She had actually written it on the back of one of his pictures also. The newspaper clipping reads: HUPALO - In loving memory of my dear husband Harry Hupalo, who passed away August 16, 1962.
I think of you with love today
As I have done so often
And feel once more the sudden blow
That doesn't seem to soften.
You wished no one a last farewell
Or even said goodbye,
You were gone before I knew
And only God knows why.
When I am sad and lonely
And everything goes wrong,
I seem to hear you whisper
Cheer up and carry on.
Each time I look at your picture
You seem to smile and say
Don't cry, I'm only sleeping
We'll meet again some day.
-sadly missed and longed for by his loving wife Dora.

Harry Hupalo and We'll Meet Again Some Day digital kit credits: Floral Heritage and Amid Memories Elements from Dusty Bear.
Fonts Used: Kayleigh, Christmas Card & Porcelain

We are having a week of nice weather and the leaves are starting to turn colors. Ayden and I are enjoying the chance to spend a few more days outside. Raquel has decided to join the choir this year and she is looking forward to starting her riding lessons again soon. Later today Ayden and I will finish making the Lime Pickles we started yesterday. Ayden is such a good little helper, well maybe good is the wrong choice of words, but she certainly is cheerful and willing.
Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Hearts We Leave Behind

My friend, Deb is planning her grand opening at The Dapper Doxie for October 1st. Deb is planning to have at least one new kit available in her shop. I'm looking forward to seeing what she creates next. Deb's kits have such an elegant, soft vintage feel.

I decided to do another couple of pages for my heritage album. During the early years of my mom's life, she lost several immediate family members. Joyce, her older sister, died unexpectedly at the age of 13. My mom told me, that she gave me my middle name, after her sister's. These are the only pictures I have of Joyce by herself. There don't seem to be any baby pictures of her. The quote I used is by Thomas Campbell from Hallowed Ground.

The Hearts We Leave Behind I & II digital kit credits: Day Dreams from The Dapper Doxie.
Fonts used: Chopin Script, Porcelain, & Kayleigh.

We've had frost the last couple of mornings and it's been a cool week. I'm looking forward to seeing all the beautiful colors of fall, although I hope summer isn't quite finished yet. It is definitely more peaceful at home, with Raquel back to school. Raquel says she had THE BEST first day ever, I hope she feels that way about the rest of the school year. Ayden is definitely keeping me busy, without Raquel here to help amuse her. One of her favorite outside activities in bouncing on the trampoline. We've also been taking Lady out during the day. Ayden loves helping me lead Lady around and occasionally gets to have a little "ride" . Anything to do with the horses is a highlight to her day. It's so sweet to see her standing on the fence calling them to come in from the field. But soon we'll be spending more time inside and I've been thinking maybe it's time I put together my own kit. We'll have to see what happens with that....

Have a great weekend!