Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me... Just a girl

This month's challenge at my yahoo group, Blush-n-Dusty, is to do a lay out about yourself, using some part of Dusty Bear's newest kit, Sprightly Mini 2. I usually try to avoid doing those kind of pages (and getting my picture taken), but I know my friend, Deb, is right when she says that our families will want pages of us, to remember us by.

I decided to use a picture my daughter took of me one day, when I let her play with my camera.
I liked this picture she took and since I am usually the one taking the pictures, there aren't that many of just of me. The journaling is really meant for my children, so I am not going to post it here (although, I think it is clear enough if you feel like reading it on the lay out).
Me... Just a Girl digital kit credits: Sprightly Mini Kit 2 and Spring Sprung from Dusty Bear.
Fonts Used: Tall Paul, Kayleigh & Chopin Script.

It's going to be a rather quiet weekend around here as Raquel is gone to her dad's for a few days. Finally, Ayden decided it was time for bed after watching the movie Spirit. (She is such a night owl.)
I signed her up for swimming lessons again and they start next week, so maybe that will help to use up some of her never ending energy. She certainly keeps me busy. We plan to go for a little road trip, later today, to check out the progress on her dad's latest job site. Ayden really misses Raquel when she is away, so at least that will give her something else to think about.

It is supposed to be a bright and sunny weekend here, which will be a nice change after a week of snow flurries and rain showers. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for your comments, take care!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Faith in a Seed

Deb, at The Dapper Doxie, has out a new springy kit call Secret Garden. The kit has some really lovely garden graphics and she will have it on sale for a very limited time this coming week, along with the rest of the products in her store. I haven't scrapped any of my heritage photos for a while and decided the kit would go perfectly with this picture my mom found last time I was up at their place. This picture is of my grandfather, (a couple of years before he passed away), with my mom and my aunt. It looks like they were all enjoying a task many of us do at this time of the year, getting the garden ready for planting. The quote I used is from Henry David Thoreau, "Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders."

Faith in a Seed digital kit credits: Secret Garden from The Dapper Doxie
Fonts Used: Rockwell and Jacki's Hand

We are having a nice long weekend. The weather has been lovely so far and the fire ban in the county was lifted, so we've been able to have a fire in the backyard the past couple of days. Raquel had an extra day off from school and was thrilled when we sent up the tent for her. Both girls have been having fun playing in it, although it is still a little too cold here by the mountains for Raquel to be sleeping in it yet. She tried it out last night and ended up coming in around 11:30 PM with a cold nose. We plan to get a little work done around the yard tomorrow and get the camper ready to go for some excursions. Monday is suppose to be cool and rainy so the last day of the long weekend might have to be spent inside. Hope you are having a terrific Victoria Day weekend. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

We finally had a week without any appointments and it was nice not to have to do any running around. Between the light rain showers, Ayden and I have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying spring. The leaves should be out soon and the tulips we planted last fall are several inches tall. A pair of geese have decided to make their home at the back of the Lady's pasture. The latest daily visitor to our yard is a fox, much to the dismay of our cats. The fox, of course, is smart enough to only come around when the dogs are kenneled. Both girls have caught a few glimpses of it through the window and Ayden has decided she doesn't like the fox, because it might eat her cat, Vester.

I love the alpha in this latest kit from Blushbutter, even though I'm not all that good at using them on my pages. I've had it downloaded for a while (it is on sale for a limited time, in her shop right now) and just couldn't decided what pictures to use with it. I finally settle on these ones of my lovely daughters. We had them taken at the Calgary Stampede by The Antique Photo Parlour, a couple of years ago. ( We had a family portrait done as well, that I will have to do a page of one day.) It was rather fun to dress up in the old style clothes and they had lots of costumes to choose from. The pictures turned out fabulously and I would recommend going and getting some done, if you've never tried it. They certainly are keepsakes to treasure. (I would like to express my sincere thanks to The Antique Photo Parlour, for granting me permission to post these pages on my blog and in my galleries.)

Little Blue Lady digital kit credits: A Victorian Lady (some items colorized) and Victorian Heritage Replica Scrap Embossed Paper Frames from Blushbutter.
Photography credits: The Antique Photo Parlour - Old Time Photographs & Frames (used with permission).
Fonts used: Windsong.

Radiant Red Beauty digital kit credits: A Victorian Lady and Victorian Heritage Replica Scrap Embossed Paper Frames from Blushbutter.
Photography credits: The Antique Photo Parlour - Old Time Photographs & Frames (used with permission).
Fonts used: Windsong.

We are having a quiet evening tonight, as Raquel has gone over to a friend's for a sleepover. Ayden looks forward to Raquel coming home on the bus every day and is missing her a bit tonight. She will be happy when we run into town to pick Raquel up tomorrow. We heard from Kyle this past week and he is settling in nicely to his new accommodations. I am so happy for him that he made the decision to move out on his own, as he had been staying with one of his Grandma's. It is hard to believe he will be 19 at the end of this month. I think I will have to go digging through some of my albums and find a picture to scrap of him when he was a baby. The weather here is supposed to be improving after a few more showers tomorrow. It will be nice to have a few warm, sunny days in a row. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day!