Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Hearts

Well it seems that everyone in our house now has a cold. Besides that, I think we all have a little cabin fever, as the weather here has been very cold. With daytime highs of -29 C the past two days, with the wind chills that makes it about -40 C. Raquel has gotten to stay home, because there has been no school bus, so she is happy. Even Vern took today off, just too cold to build houses. It's a good day for movie watching and working on a scrapbook page though.

With Valentine's Day coming, I felt like scrapping something romantic. So I decided to go with my maternal grandparent's wedding picture. We don't know exactly when they got married.
Two Hearts Digital kit credits: I used Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding Digital Scrapbooking Kit. (Some items have been colorized or had the layer properties changed.) Heart element created by Art Within designs using pearl element from the kit.
Mask by Becky (Secrets of the Imagination)
Fonts Used: Kayleigh, Tabor Handwriting, Porcelain, & Park Avenue BT

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wisp in the Wind

Another busy week, with Ayden forever perfecting her climbing skills. Raquel wasn't feeling too well and spent a couple of days home from school last week. I have made some changes to my blog. After much indecision as to a theme, I finally came up with a header. I would like to express my appreciation to Vanessa for allowing me to use her pretty Fairies in the Garden kit.

Which leads me to my next piece of news. I am so VERY happy that my friend, Vanessa, has accepted me on her Creative Team at Blushbutter. It is due to Vanessa's beautiful graphics that I became interested in digital scrapbooking. If you'd like, you can check out my About You page, on her site here. If you haven't been curious enough to check out Blushbutter's site, you been missing out on some of the most amazing Scrapbooking kits, elements and papers. Vanessa is truly one of the most talented designers I know. Her kits also print up beautifully and I have used them in quite a few hybrid pages in the past. Thank you Vanessa for having me on your team.

In celebration, I decided to do the following LO. This is a picture of my Mom with my Grandmother. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away at an early age, when my Mom was very young. We don't have a lot of information about her, but are lucky to have several pictures. I am still researching and hope one day to get more details.

I wrote the poem myself. The Wisps in the Wind bit had been floating about in my head for a while, (as I'm sure Idgie recalls). It seemed to fit with the feel of this page to me. It reads as follows:

Wisps in the Wind
We are like wisps in the wind
Time moving by so fast
An emptiness of the heart
A moment that couldn't last
Fragments from another time
My mind wanders for awhile
Forever in my memories
In another face I've seen your smile.
Wisps in the Wind LO digital kit credits: Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage Replica Scrap Kit and Digital Old Photo Frames with Creases.
Fonts: Palatino Linotype and & Kayleigh

I made the Lacy Screen frame from a tut using a background paper from the kit. Actually it is one of my lessons from my PSP group and I thought it was so pretty, I just wanted to use it in a LO.

Below, is a simple tag I finished recently. This picture was taken on the west coast of British Columbia at Florencia Bay Uclulet/Tofino on December 21, 2007. I think it is truly beautiful. I wish I could spend some time watching the waves...

Photography credits: CSC Photography - used with permission.

I hope you all enjoy the changes and are having a great week.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Favorite Photos From 2007

The theme for this month's challenge at Blush-n-Dusty is to use your favorite photo from 2007 along with the font Kayleigh and part of the challenge freebie. Well I had a tough time choosing just one, so I decided to go with two. And believe it or not for once a picture with me in it.

The quote by E. E. Cummings is, "i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)".

Family 2007 Digital kit credits: Challenge freebie Dustybear Kit and Crumpled Papers - Bold (colorized) from Dustybear, I also used Blushbutter's Good Men and Victorian Wedding Digital Scrapbooking kits.
Fonts Used: Kayleigh, Cataneo BT, Calligraph421 BT

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Fairies in the Garden

One day, last spring, Raquel decided it would be fun to dress up as a fairy. Ayden & Raquel looked so cute. We went out in the yard and took a bunch a pictures and then sent out a few of them for Mother's Day. I've been wanting to scrap them for a while and am pleased with the way they turned out.
I used some of Vanessa's beautiful kits available at www.blushbutter.com. The quote reads as follows:

And as the seasons come and go, here's something you might like to know. There are fairies everywhere: under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day. So listen, touch, and look around - in the air and on the ground. And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wing. ~Author Unknown

My Fairies in the Garden Digital Kit credits: Blushbutter's Baby Girl Heart String Mega Kit, Baby Girl Kit, Emerald Fairy Digital Scrapbooking Kit, Faes for Prints and Crafts 1 and Digital Essential Frames Packet. (Some elements colorized.)
Fonts used: monsier La Doulaise, Occidental & Ma Sexy