Friday, January 23, 2009

Halloween in January?

Okay, maybe I'm a little behind with my pictures, but I am finally getting to Halloween. Raquel seemed to think is was an odd choice for this time of year, but I didn't feel like doing Christmas pages yet. It was fun going through the Halloween pictures. The girls were so cute, Raquel was a good witch and Ayden was a forest fairy. They had to wear their costumes over some warm clothes, as it was a chilly evening, but at least there wasn't any snow this year.

Halloween 2008 digital kit credits: Victorian Wedding Kit, Unicorn and Fairy Clipart Kit, and Creepies from Blushbutter.
Skelegance from Derek M. Designs.
Fonts used: Haunted.

To break up the winter boredom, I decided to start Ayden in swimming lessons this month. She gets to go twice a week, in the morning and really seems to be enjoying it. She is too small to go into the pool by herself, so I get to join her. I am impressed with the fact that they are actually being taught skills at such a young age, not just playing in the water. Ayden is learning it is okay to put your head all the way under the water and is progressing nicely with her front & back floats. She loves the hot tub, but I think the highlight of the week for Ayden was when she got to go down the waterslide with me. Raquel has been taking swimming lessons for the past couple of weeks as well. Her school offers a session of lessons, as part of the physical education program each year. She was a little upset because she was put in a more advanced level than her friends, due to all the lessons she's had in the past. She has some dreams of being a life guard one day and I am really quite proud of her progress. With swimming and an appointment last Monday, our week has gone by quickly. It looks like we are in for a few cold days, just in time for the weekend. Maybe we'll have to go out and rent a few movies. Hope you find a nice cozy way to spend your weekend also!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Difficult Choice

This month's challenge at Blush-n-Dusty is to create a page using your favorite picture from 2008. You also had to use something from the mini kit provided by Dusty Bear.

It was hard for me to decide just which picture was my favorite, but I finally settled on this one from Kyle's graduation. We all had a great time and the girls were pleased that they got to go to such a grown up event. Kyle looked so handsome and I am very happy that he graduated.
It is certainly one of my favorite memories from 2008 and I do love this picture, as it not only has all my little darlings in it, but my parents and niece as well.

Graduation - Family digital kit credits: Tattered Solids, Dainty elements, Dainty papers, and Classroom Memories elements from Dusty Bear.
Fonts used: MisterEarl BT and WhisperWrite.

We are enjoying a week of unseasonably warm weather. Today it is above freezing and the snow is melting. It feels so nice to get a break from all the cold and snow we've had so far this winter. Chinooks are such wonderful things! Spring is my favorite time of the year and I much prefer rain to snow. If you are looking for some signs of spring, you can drop by Deb's blog, she had a some adorable pictures of her new baby goats posted. My parents raised goats for quite a few years when we were young and I always loved the babies, they can be so comical. So if you are feeling a little down about winter, remember spring is just around the corner.

Hope you are having a terrific week!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Dance

Happy New Years!!! It's been rather busy at our house with everyone home over the holidays. I think Raquel's actually looking forward to school starting again on Monday, so she can go and hang out with her friends. We took our tree down the other day, so we could set up the "inside bouncer" the girls got for Christmas. This cold weather has certainly been keeping everyone indoors. It looks like we will finally be getting a break from the cold weather we've been experiencing. It will be nice to have some milder temperatures this week, maybe Ayden will get a chance to go outside and enjoy the snow for a change.

I decided to do another page for my children's heritage album. My maternal grandparents were married in Saskatchewan and soon after moved to British Columbia. Although Mike & Lena shared a life filled with many new experiences, their time together was relatively short. Lena passed away from an extended illness not long before her 36th birthday. Leaving Mike alone with their 3 young children to raise by himself. I imagine it must have been a very heart breaking and difficult time for the young family.

The journalling reads:

In 1942, shortly after Metro (Mike) & Lena’s marriage and subsequent move to the interior of British Columbia, they had this professional wedding portrait taken.

Together, Mike & Lena had four children, Peter, Joyce and Barbara, as well as an infant daughter who predeceased them in 1947.

The couple was married for 13 years, until Lena passed away in 1955.

The Dance digital kit credits: Wedding Dreams from The Dapper Doxie (some items colorized).
Fonts used:Papyrus, French Script MT and Edwardian Script ITC.

Wishing you health, prosperity and happiness in 2009. Have a nice weekend!