Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's My Life

This month's challenge at Blush-n-Dusty is to do a graduation LO using Blushbutter's new kit, Graduation. Since I have quite a few pictures from my son's graduation last year, I decided to do several pages, as I have been meaning to get them done for some time now. The quote I used on the last page is from Geraldine Kenney-Wallace.

Valediction Ceremony digital kit credits: Graduation Mini Kit, Digital Essential Frames Packet and Faery Kisses in Blue mega kit from Blushbutter.
Fonts used: Monsieur La Doulaise and Fontleroy Brown.

We've had a busy couple of weeks that included a trip to the zoo and a day at the local rodeo. Ayden really enjoyed the rodeo's parade and getting the candy that was thrown from the floats. Raquel's summer holidays have begun, her last day of school was yesterday and she is happy to be done for a few months. She had a good report card and has talked me into getting her a few magazine subscriptions for passing into grade 5. Ayden and I got to go to Raquel's year end party on Thursday at her teacher's place. We all had a great time playing games outside and had some delicious hamburgers for lunch. Ayden's swimming lessons finished this week as well. She is definitely ready to move on to the next level, but will have to wait until she turns 3 before that can happen. I sure we will be making a few trips to the pool this summer, as both girls really enjoy the water. It has be nice and sunny here for the last little while. The beautiful weather is supposed to continue for the next week or so, although we could use a little rain as it is quite dry.
The occasional thunderstorm comes through in the afternoons, but we haven't gotten very much precipitation. It has been a wonderful start to the summer. Hope you have a terrific summer also!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Moments We Share

I haven't really been in much of a mood for doing any pages lately. That and I had some problems with one of my external hard drives and had to download some graphics again and reorganize them. That was a bit of a frustrating experience to say the least. It definitely was a good reminder to back up all my files a little more regularly.

Lara, at Dusty Bear, has another new mini kit in her shop, that coordinates with the one I used on my last page. I decided I would use it, to do this page of myself and my children. I always enjoy it when I get to spend time with all my children at once, as it doesn't happen very often. This picture of us was taken a few months ago when we went on a trip to my parents.
The Moments We Share digital kit credits: Sprightly Mini Kit 1 from Dusty Bear
Fonts Used: La Bamba LET and Adine Kimberg script.

The girls and I took a quick trip up to my parents this past weekend. We went to say goodbye to my dad, who is going to Tanzania for 3 months. We had a delicious supper with the whole family and it was great to see them all. Both girls had lots of fun with their cousins and got to play in the parks, (one of the highlights of the trip for Ayden, I think). The last couple of weeks have been rather busy around here. Ayden and I went with Raquel on her field trip to the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site of Canada. All the kids seemed to enjoy the 2 1/2 hour walk around the site and got to do some role playing of characters from 1821. I have always liked history and really enjoyed the excursion. One day I will have to go again and complete the tour, as we only made it around part of the park. Ayden is progressing well in her swimming lessons and is turning into quite the little fish. We've also had several appointments and have tried to get in a little flower planting as the weather was quite nice. That's changed a bit as it has been cool and rainy here now for several days, but the sun is supposed to be returning tomorrow and it should start warming up again. Hope you have a nice week.