Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This past weekend was the first day of spring, also known as the Vernal Equinox. In the northern hemisphere, this refers to the date when night and day are nearly the same length and the sun crosses the celestial equator moving north. This date is also significant because Easter always falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox. For me, it means that the end of winter is drawing near. I am really looking forward to the snow melting, fresh green leaves and grass.

Ingeborg from Ikscraps, has out a beautiful new spring kit, Blossoms. I was so pleased that she gave me a chance to work with it. Ingeborg has some gorgeous kits and many of her designs are quite unique, as they are hand painted. Ingeborg is offering a lovely little freebie at the store that coordinates with this kit, if you want to sample her designs. Working with her kit really inspired me to get a few pages done from last spring. Looking back through my pictures was fun and made me realize just how fast time goes by.

Spring Definitions digital kit credits: Blossom Elements & Blossom papers by Ikscraps available at e-scape and scrap.
Fonts used Courier New, Book Antiqua & ALS Script.

Easter Egg Hunt I & II digital kit credits: Blossom Elements & Blossom papers by Ikscraps available at e-scape and scrap.
Fonts used Wenceslas & VIctorian LET.

March has been such a busy month for us. Raquel & I both celebrated our birthdays about a week ago. Raquel celebrated hers, by having a sleepover with her best friend, Taylor. They stayed up literally all night just hanging out, until I finally told them at 5:30 in the morning that it really was time to get some sleep. It is hard to believe Raquel is already 11. She is looking forward to taking her babysitting course this weekend, now that she is finally old enough. Ayden is really enjoying her swimming lessons. Twice a week, (in the mornings), we've headed into town to the Aquaplex. Her final lesson is tomorrow and although she is progressing quite well, I am fairly certain she with have to take the level again.

Easter is just around the corner. The girls and I are anticipating it, as my parents are planning to come down along with my niece, Madison, for a few days. Raquel is also looking forward to spring break, which starts on Good Friday as well.
I hope you are having a good week. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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