Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I think one of the most amazing things in life, has got to be having a child and watching them grow and change into a unique individual. I certainly appreciate all the things my mom has done for me throughout my life. Now that I am older (and farther away), I wish I could spend more time with her. I miss the little things we used to do when I lived closer, like going out for lunch, visiting greenhouses with her or just stopping by for a cup of tea. My own children are growing up so fast and it is kind of hard for me to believe my son will be 20 at the end of the month.

The April challenge for Blush-n-Dusty was to do a page with your favorite color, using Blushbutter's newest mini kit, Favorite Color. I don't know if I truly have a favorite color, but I do prefer blues and greens to pinks and purple. So I decided to do a blue page because of that. I used one of my recent, favorite pictures of all my children together taken last summer. I printed this one out for my mom and mail it off to her for Mother's Day. Which is the reason why I didn't post it here till now, as I didn't want her to see it before then. Hopefully she got her card in the mail by now though.

My Children digital kit credits: Favorite Color Mini Kit and Favorite Color Kit from BlushButter.
Fonts Used: Edwardian Script ITC and Dani.

During the past several weeks we've been having some nasty spring storms here in southern Alberta. The power was knocked out several times (once all day) and the highways were closed as well. We had a fairly mild winter though, so perhaps we are paying for that now. The farmers were grateful for the moisture I am sure and at least the fire ban the county had on has been lifted. Once again the snow is almost melted and the green grass is showing. I spent some time cleaning out my flower beds the other day and the green shoots are starting to push their way out. The leaf buds on the trees are beginning to open also, so it would seem spring is finally on it's way. The weather is supposed to improve this coming week with temperatures returning to normal.

Due to all the snow, Raquel got to miss a few extra days of school as the buses didn't run, which made her happy. She had a sleepover at her friend, Taylor's last night, so Ayden is anxiously waiting for her to come home today. We also had a quick visit with Vern's mom a couple of weekends ago. It was nice for the girls to see her, as they don't get to very often. Ayden is eagerly awaiting some mail from her Grandma Doreen, who promised to send her a few pictures of their time together. Last weekend we dropped in at the arena where Lady is being broke, to check out how things are going. Ayden was thrilled as she got to sit on her back, in a saddle. Lady is making good progress and should be back home in a couple more weeks. This week we decided to save a couple of kittens from being taken to the SPCA. Raquel and Ayden are both quite happy with their new little pets. Meko and Mouse are quite the rambunctious pair, and it is certainly amusing to watch them, as it has been a while since we had kittens around here.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by my blog. I really appreciate your comments as well. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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